About Me

I was born at the old maternity hospital in Kfar-Saba, Israel, on a wintry November night of 1977. A few years later I graduated from "Camera Obscura School of Art", majoring in Digital Media. Co-founder of VAZA - a multidisciplinary studio for design and new-media. Artist, Curator and Co-founder of the ALFRED - Cooperative Institute for Art & Culture in Tel Aviv. ALFRED is an NGO aiming to promote young artists, non-profit cultural initiatives, Cooperative practices and Artist-run projects. A professional photographer of Hot dogs and Rock concerts. I was the drummer of the Israeli indie Rock band KofSnaE, while also taking part in other albums and musical projects. These days I'm a percussionist in the Berlin based oriental trios Janawadi and EKMEK, playing improvised Arabic music and traditional Ottoman pieces respectively. Another subject that is close to my heart is Animal rights. I am involved in producing and promoting local and international projects, raising awareness for animal rights, animal liberation and veganism. 

Art Projects

My work is dealing with my intimate living space and familiar surroundings, searching for structures, rhythms and patterns of both individual and collective meaning.

The process usually starts with a photography session, whether of a window of a neighbor living across the street or a building which holds childhood memories, sometimes my body or a special spot in my neighborhood. Much like memories, this image goes through a process of reconstruction, distillation and refinement in an attempt to extract the building-blocks of the content, the core shape and the inner rhythm. 

The digital work on such analog subjects allows me to convert a personal and local story into a generic, archetype, thus iconising the private instance and personal story; Some of my work deals with my complex relationship with the Israeli life: The 80's, the old neighborhood, the lack of identity in the International building style, and those damned window blinds, separating like a selective membrane, absently blocking any sunshine or mysteriously imprisoning the shadows within. Moving to Berlin two years ago has raised new thoughts about my relations with this historically and personally charged city, about my life and my connection with my homeland and the German-Israeli-Palestinian triangle. some of these issues find their way to my art and also to my musical projects.


 photo by: Dafna Polvin

photo by: Dafna Polvin