Ancient tunes from the times of the great Ottoman empire with a touch of fresh freestyle.
EKMEK was founded in 2015 by Julie Besandilove (Cümbüş), Evern Can Kaman (Oud) and Adi Levy (Darbuka & Cajón).


Indie Rock band, established on 2010 by Ohad Koski, Nir Gavrielli, Jonathan Ydov & Adi Levy. On the evening of 13/11/13, at Levontin7 Club, KofSnae had released its debut album "Krisa Muchletet" and broke up.

Ronel Keren

Drum parts on two tracks of Ronel Keren's debut album "Loose Change"

Sherry Alcalay

Drum part on Sherry Alcalay's debut album "Rocking"